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A better way to create and manage your campaign marketing links.

UTM Codes? Parameters? Tags?

No matter what you call them, your campaign needs UTM codes. To prioritize your efforts you need to know what’s working. To know what works, you need data.

utm.codes is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to create marketing links that provide great campaign analytics.

UTM Codes WordPress Plugin Screenshot

Great marketing comes from data.

Good decision making only happens with good data. UTM codes are key to capturing good campaign data. No matter what analytics or reporting toolset you use utm.codes will make your data, and marketing, better.

Save Time. Not Just Money.

Link builder spreadsheets cost in time what they save in money. With a centralized links repository, shared administration, batch link creation, and automatic link shortening, utm.codes saves you time and money.

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It’s as easy to get started with utm.codes as it is to use.

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