Lose The Spreadsheets

And skip monthly fees.

Campaign Marketing Links, Made Easy

Make your campaign marketing easier and more effective with WordPress. utm.codes turns your WordPress admin into your marketing links repository by making link creation, organization, and use easier.

“I love setting up formulas to concatenate strings in a spreadsheet”… said no one, ever.

    Paid Tools
  • Central Link Repository
  • Shared Link Administration
  • Build Unlimited Links
  • Search Links List
  • Auto Link Formatting
  • Filter Links List
  • Auto Link Shortening
  • Batch Create Social Links
  • Custom URL Parameters
  • Custom Link Labels
  • Link Notes
  • No Extra Logins
  • No Monthly Fee
With utm.codes you’ll never have to Google how to create a string in one cell using the values from another, ever again.

It’s an ampersand. Aren’t you glad you don’t need to know that?

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