Marketing Links How-To

Get to know with these quick demo videos.

See It In Action

Checkout these demo videos for a quick introduction to the basic features of the WordPress plugin. You can also watch them all on the YouTube page.

Configure Settings

Select your favorite social networks and add your API key to enable batch creation and auto shortening.

Create Your First Link

Use the “At a Glance” link from the dashboard or select “Add New Link” from the admin menu to create your first link with ease.

Create Social Links in Batch

Batch create all your social campaign marketing links with a single checkbox click.

Edit and Re-Shorten a Link

Making changes to existing links is easy. Just check the checkbox to re-shorten the link when saving to generate a new short url.

Stop Spreadsheet Scrolling

Find your links with ease. Apply utm code filters or search to locate the exact links you’re looking for.

Use filters and search together to quickly navigate even the largest links library.

Better than a Demo

Open source and easy to install, give a try risk free.

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