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A better way to create and manage your campaign marketing links.

Codes? Parameters? Tags?

No matter what you call them, your campaign needs UTM codes. To prioritize your efforts you need to know what’s working. To know what works you need data, and it starts with campaign links that support good analytics. is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to create marketing links that provide great campaign analytics no matter how you do your reporting. WordPress Plugin Screenshot

Team Player

Need multiple members of your team to access links to create and use them? Want to save notes with your links for future reference? Using Rebrandly to shorten your links with a custom domain? supports all this and more making it ready to support your existing marketing workflows.

Great marketing comes from data.

Good decision making only happens with good data. UTM codes are key to capturing good campaign data. No matter what analytics or reporting toolset you use will make your data, and marketing, better.

Save Time. Not Just Money.

Link builder spreadsheets cost in time what they save in money. With a centralized links repository, shared administration, batch link creation, and automatic link shortening, saves you time and money.

Easy to use. Easy to extend.

Open source and WordPress API ready. Support additional social networks, add a new shortener, and customize parameter value formats to meet any need with ease using standard WordPress techniques.

Google, Plus

Marketing analytics is more than just Google Analytics. Because UTM codes are (nearly) universally supported by modern analytics software creates links that work anywhere your reporting and data collection depends on them. (But Google Analytics works great too.)

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